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Indiana Has Options

We have refreshed our website today with a brand new page.

We have named this new post IN Universities and students in or near Indiana may use this page to check out potential local university and other school options available to them right now.

There is a form on this page that permits folks to take a look at area colleges and the type of degrees they deliver.

These universities could feature options for attending courses online or in a classroom setting.

In case this page sounds beneficial, you could head to it right here.

Have you attended an IN school in the past? Want to make a brief comment about that experience? Go ahead.

Pages for the New Year

So we have just put up a couple of new pages for this new year.

Each of these pages deal with one particular state and the schools that serve residents in those states.

The two states involved today are Hawaii and Idaho.

Each of these states offers a rather limited number of colleges when compared to some of the other bigger states, but there are still some great options available.

You can check out these pages here:

HI Options
ID Options


Down South Degrees

We’ve got a few new posts now.

FL colleges and GA colleges are what these brand new pages are called. We trust that Florida and Georgia residents might use this page to uncover a little bit more about local school choices and will utilize the links on this page to help pick a few probable schools to think about.

These pages list colleges and private schools that might work out pretty well for you.

Some of the universities outlined deliver complete college degrees which range from associate’s diplomas all the way to graduate degrees.

Those pages are live and ready to be viewed today.

Want to give us a brief overview of your alma mater? Just do it.

Out in California

California has a ton of schools.

I remember there was the time when many of the state colleges were practically free to attend in California.

Now schools in the state cost money, and a lot of them cost a lot of money.

Tuition is high at a lot of West Coast universities, but you may still be able to find one that offers the right degree at a price you can afford to pay over time.

Our new page, CA Colleges, has a list of schools you might take a quick look at to see if they could work for your situation.

Most of these schools offer online classes to go along with their campus classroom courses.

Anyway, if you’re interested, take a look and see.

First New State Page

There is a new page on our website today. We have published our first new page regarding school alternatives in just one state.

This new article is about universities in the Alabama area.

This webpage features a form which allows students to find schools in Alabama that might be ideal for his or her needs.

One of the best ways to decide if a college is suitable for your circumstance is to discuss that college and your situation with an admissions representative from that institution.

You can look at this new page and learn a bit more. Just go here to AL.

Is there another college we need to add to this list?

Site Redesign

So the website is going through a big design change right now.

You may see a few odd things for the next week or two.

The new site will work better than the old one.

We will eventually move all of the old content over and blend it with the new content.

Thanks for your patience.