Social Work Skills

Social work is a job type that requires a lot of nuance and attention to human behavior. It is important to have awareness of not only the behaviors and attitudes of others, but also those that you bring to the job. Additionally, because there are some unique stressors in this field, it is important to self-asses. The keys to success are typically second nature to successful social workers. However, they can and should still be trained in order to further the goals of the job. Social work skills vary, but there are a number of attributes a successful social worker definitely needs.

Social Work Skills That Are Necessary to Becoming an Effective Social Worker

  • Emotional Intelligence: This is often key when it comes to helping people with their own issues and needs. This relies on a mix of knowledge and intuition in order to best help those in need. It also means the ability to understand body language. Further, this means reading an individual’s level of comfort in a situation and around various individuals.
  • Empathy: Human empathy is the specific ability of understanding how people behave given their position in life. Empathy requires an individual to see things through the eyes of another individual. 
  • Communication: If you can’t communicate with another individual that presents challenges. Naturally, this is one of the core aspects of a being a social worker. Communication is more than verbal and this skill plays well with the aspects of empathy and emotional intelligence. 
  • Understanding: Social work presents many difficulties at times and many times this requires that you are an understanding person. Further, situations will arise in which understanding can play a huge role in your success as a social worker. 
  • Intellect: Having a strong intellect is a central aspect of your day to day efforts. Critical thinking and the ability to strategize the right paths can be the difference between success, which is critical, and failure. If you are a smart individual, with great strategic thinking and analysis abilities, social work can be greatly fulfilling. 
  • Uplifting demeanor: The right demeanor can give a social work great resilience. Since many positions are often emotional and mentally taxing, a person with a positive outlook and healthy understanding of the human condition is more likely to succeed than one without.

Pursuing a Master’s in Social Work

Social work can be one of the most fulfilling careers available. With an interest in such fields growing, the demand for educated work forces are incredibly important. Look into good programs, or inquire with us to find out how you can start your career in social work today! Check out more of our guides here.